Monday, April 11, 2011


Frankly, you must have seen that when we do something good for others, we feel much better. Even when we give some gift to our loved ones we feel very happy and it gives us real pleasure. The real spirit of our life is to give happiness to others, not to live a selfish life.

Now consider a scenario in which you are helping some one, or you are giving gift to your friend, but you are expecting something from them in return, then it will become a selfish act. Also If you really ask me it won’t give you the pleasure too, which you will get by doing something for some one without expecting anything from him or her. Same with giving the gift too, you will get more pleasure when you won’t expect anything in return from him or her.

The same applies to our professional life too, while working in a office many people does not want to share his or her knowledge with colleagues, they think that by doing so other person will become more knowledgeable than him, while it is not true. I personally hate these types of people, but during five years of my professional life I met with around twenty person of the same nature.

Gifts, knowledge, and help become useless once some condition attached with it. So friends if you won’t expect some thing in return from your loved ones and when they will give you some thing you will become surprised and your life will fill up with lots of happiness. Every one wants a life of happiness and pleasure, while living a selfish life will never give you the prosperity and happiness. So friends always live a happy life, and learn to give happiness to others.