Monday, October 27, 2014


This disclosure is organized as follows. Section A describes different types of computing units that provide wireless communication within a data center. Section B describes illustrative data centers that can be built using the computing units of Section A. Section C describes functionality for addressing the issue of permanent interference. Section D describes functionality for implementing signaling among computing units. Section E provides functionality for routing data within a data center that uses wireless communication.
As a preliminary matter, some of the figures describe concepts in the context of one or more structural components, variously referred to as functionality, modules, features, elements, etc. The various components shown in the figures can be implemented in any manner. In one case, the illustrated separation of various components in the figures into distinct units may reflect the use of corresponding distinct components in an actual implementation. Alternatively, or in addition, any single component illustrated in the figures may be implemented by plural actual components. Alternatively, or in addition, the depiction of any two or more separate components in the figures may reflect different functions performed by a single actual component.